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Editor’s Note

The courage to face disappointment, the capacity to bounce back from adversities, the ability to develop a secure sense of belonging, and the will to move forward are qualities that every individual needs to build to be resilient. Building resilience needs to begin in the classrooms of a school so that the students can handle adult life challenges.

Resilience is one of the founding values of Athena Education. The Chairman, Mr. VNP Raj, emphasizes on this value as he believes that resilient learners are patient, fearless, confident, rise from every fall, consider each failure as an opportunity to explore, good decision-makers, have faith, and adapt to change. 

As fostering resilience in children is crucial, the theme of the third issue of volume 01 of the Athena International Journal of Education (AIJE) is ‘Building Resilience in Classrooms.’ The issue includes the papers of Ms. Trishita U. Raval, Ms. Muneeza Tahir, Ms. Monica Pitamber Janyani, and Ms. Naila Amir. It is with great pride that I invite you to read their valuable articles on resilience.

Ms. Trishita U Raval is a Primary English Coordinator, Teacher of English at Grammar School in Dubai, UAE. Her article ‘Building Resilience in Classrooms’ explores how supportive relationship and positive feedback empowers resilient learners. Ms. Muneeza Tahir is a High School ELA teacher at Al Zuhour Private School in Sharjah, UAE. Her paper ‘Building Resilience in Students in these Difficult Times when it Matters the Most’ focuses on how educators prepare students to emerge stronger, bounce back, and succeed in life despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Monica Pitamber Janyani is the Head of Department (Grades 3-5) at Al Wahda Private School in Sharjah, UAE. Her paper ‘Metamorphosis of Childhood’ examines how resilient learners develop learning skills, internalize positive thoughts, and grow into strong and independent individuals. Ms. Naila Amir is a teacher and Coordinator, Islamic Department at Al Sadiq Islamic English School in Dubai, UAE. Her article ‘The Value of Resilience’ investigates how resilience empowers teachers to shift from the traditional method of teaching and learning to the modern methods which includes using digital learning tools and technologies. I thank Mr. Paul Grimaud, Principal- Al Wahda Private School (Sharjah), Mr. Mohamad Motawea, Principal- Al Zuhour Private School (Sharjah), Ms. Sadia Wajid, Principal- Al Sadiq Islamic English School (Dubai), and Ms. Nikke Alley, Principal- Grammar School (Dubai) for encouraging their teachers towards contributing to AIJE. 

Each article has been reviewed thrice and feedback has been provided encouraging authors to revise their articles to meet the standards of the research journal. I extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Ian McNiff (Director of Athena Schools, UAE), Dr. Supriya Daniel (Assistant Professor, English, SRIHM, Mumbai), Dr. Shaymaa Omran (Independent Researcher, Cairo), and Dr. Zakariae Bouhmala (Independent Researcher, Morocco) for their support towards improving the quality of the journal output. 

We hope that you find the articles in this issue useful. We welcome your feedback as authors, readers, and reviewers of the journal. AIJE will continue to publish articles on contemporary educational methods and practices for the benefit of children.


Dr. Velma Mohan

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Mr. VNP Raj

Executive Chairman (Athena Education, Dubai) and Chairman (L’école Chempaka, India)

Mr. V.N.P. Raj is a Dubai-based former banker turned educationalist. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Athena Education (UAE) and the Chairman of Chempaka Education (India). Since 2016, Athena Education has found a place in the education sector by providing K-12 affordable quality education through a network of 9 schools and 1 nursery in the UAE and 5 schools and 12 kindergartens in India. Mr. Raj is also the Chairman of PMC- a chain of hospitals in Kerala.

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