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Editor’s Note

Welcome to the sixth issue of Athena International Journal of Education. The issue on the theme “Ensuring Success for Students of Determination and Gifts and Talents” includes the papers of Ms. Parrvathe Rejitha, Ms. Komal Nadeem, Ms. Sherifa Mohamed ali, Ms. Tania Tahir Qazi, and Ms. Maheen Ali. It is with great pride that I invite you to read their valuable articles.

Ms. Parrvathe Rejitha is a doctoral candidate in American studies at the PhilippsUniversity of Marburg, Germany. Her article ‘Effective Language Teaching Strategies for Gifted and Talented students’ examines effective language teaching strategies to learn a foreign language for gifted and talented students. Ms. Komal Nadeem is a class teacher at Oaktree Primary School, Athena Education, Dubai. Her article ‘Ensuring Success for Students with Gifted Potential in the Primary Section’ focuses on supporting students with gifted potential of year 4 in the primary section. Ms. Sharifa Mohamed Ali is a learning support teacher, Inclusion Department at American International School, Athena Education, Dubai. Her article ‘Exploring the Effects of Dyscalculia on Students of Determination in Elementary Schools’ focuses on understanding the difficulties SoD of grade 2 face in their math lessons. Ms. Tania Tahir Qazi is a class teacher at Oaktree Primary School, Athena Education, Dubai. Her article ‘Fostering Resilience in an Inclusive Classroom: Case Study of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory’ examines how Kolb’s experiential theory can be linked to effective teaching in primary schools. Ms. Maheen Ali is a student of Bachelors of Business Management at De Montfort University, Dubai. Her article ‘Workplace Inclusivity for People of Determination in the United Arab Emirates investigates the need to promote workplace inclusiveness.

Each article has been reviewed thrice and feedback has been provided encouraging authors to revise their articles to meet the standards of the research journal. I extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Ian McNiff (Director of Schools, Athena Education, UAE) and the peer reviewers for their support towards improving the quality of the journal output.

We hope that you find the articles in this issue useful. We welcome your feedback as authors, readers, and reviewers of the journal. AIJE will continue to publish articles on contemporary educational methods and practices for the benefit of children.

Dr. Velma Mohan


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